"Love seeing a great vape store closer to home. Can't wait to make a trip to Little Rock and check em out 🙂 If you are a smoker and have thought about or even tried quitting without success; This may be for you. Check it out and ask if you have any questions. I have smoked for 18 years and have been cigarette free for 6 weeks and 3 days! Saving some lungs...one set at a time."

Stephanie M.

"I love the atmosphere!"

Chris A.

"My hubby hasn't smoked in two weeks thanks to these guys! Thank you!"

Laura C.

"Saving lungs! One Vape at a time! Thanks Rogue!"

Jenny M.

"Havent had a cigarette since I left the store!"

Michael S.

"Stock at Rogue rivals any vaping store in the country. If they don't have it, you probably don't want it."

Robert F.

"Very helpful staff had answers to all my questions. Very helpful. And the products they sell are all of high quality and priced great. I like how they have all the flavors they sell available for testing in the back of the store. Always hated figuring out online what flavors I might like."

Nathan H.

"I was very impressed with their friendly, knowledgeable staff and fine selection of mods and liquid. You should definitely check them out."

Josh W.

"A vape store in LR?? There is a God!"

John B.

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